This is a collection of John Hick's essays on the understanding of the world's religions as different human responses to the same ultimate transcendent reality. He is in dialogue with contemporary philosophers including Alvin Plantinga, Peter van Inwagen, D.Z. Phillips; with Evangelicals; with the Vatican and other both Catholic and Protestant theologians.

The book is alive with current argument for all those interested in contemporary philosophy of religion and theology. This reissue includes a new preface by the author and a foreword by Perry Schmidt-Leukel.

'What this book offers is a lived philosophy...[It] should (and I would go so far as to say must) become required reading for students in the philosophy of religion.' - Religion and Theology

'This is an excellent book that I shall be using with my students and would recommend to all concerned with questions of religious pluralism, especially Christian responses to the world religions.' - Gavin D'Costa, Arsdisputandi

'This readable collection of papers provides an enlightening exposition of John Hick's latest thought and of his theological pilgrimage to it.' - Theology