London: Macmillan, 1973, reissued Oxford: One World, 1993

The book which launched the contemporary pluralist understanding of the world faiths. The Ptolemaic view was that our earth is the centre of the universe, and Ptolemaic theology holds that the Christian revelation is at the centre of the universe of faiths. The Copernican revolution placed the sun at the centre with our earth as one of the planets revolving round it, and the equivalent revolution in religious thinking sees God, or the Ultimate, at the centre with Christianity as one of the worlds of faith revolving round it. The book also discusses religion as fact-asserting, the problem of evil, God as necessary being, Christ and incarnation, and a theology of death.

God and the Universe of Faiths shows John Hick’s mind at work on the most important theological problems of our time. Readers will appreciate an introduction to a mind which is clear, calm, honest, learned, modern and Christian. He has become one of the world’s most interesting theologians” (Church Times).

“Among modern writers on theology and the philosophy of religion he is one of our wisest guides. His concerns seem to be with issues which raise real problems in the life of thoughtful Christians. A book with a great deal of cohesion and completeness” (Expository Times).

Translated into Chinese