These are out of print but many available through internet book sellers such as

PROBLEMS OF RELIGIOUS PLURALISM, London: Macmillan, and NY: St Martin’s Press, 1985. Three controversies; seeing-as and religious experience; on grading religions; eschatological verification reconsidered; present and future life; conflicting religious truth-claims; a philosophy of religious pluralism. (Trans. Japanese, Chinese, Persian).

ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD, London: Macmillan, and New York: Herder & Herder, 1970, 1979 Covers the design, teleological, cosmological, moral, and ontological arguments and rational theistic belief without proofs. (Trans. Polish, German)

CHRISTIANITY AT THE CENTRE, London: SCM Press, and New York: Herder & Herder, 1968 (Trans. Korean). Revised as The Centre of Christianity, New York: Harper & Row, 1979 (Trans. Japanese, Korean, Dutch). Revised as The Second Christianity, London: SCM Press, 1983, reissued 1994 (Trans. Japanese) Covers the historical Jesus, the God whom he worshipped, Christianity in the world today, Christianity and other religions, major intellectual difficulties, the future.

TRUTH AND DIALOGUE IN WORLD RELIGIONS, edited by John Hick, London: Sheldon Press, and Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1974. Contributions by R.C. Zaehner, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, Ninian Smart, Trevor Ling, Eric Sharpe, Santosh Sengupta, Geoffrey Parrinder, Kenneth Cragg, John Hick.

THE EXPERIENCE OF RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY, edited by John Hick and Hasan Askari, Aldershot: Gower, 1985. Contributions by Ze’ev Falk, Leo Trepp, Mahmoud Ayoub, Mohammad Talbi, Stanley Samartha, Ramchandra Gandhi, Shivesh Thakur, Padmasiri de Silva, John Cobb, Masao Abe, Hasan Askari, John Hick.

THREE FAITHS, ONE GOD, edited by John Hick and Edmund Meltzer, Albany: SUNY Press, 1989. Contributions by Elliott Dorff, James Sanders, Ibrahim Hamdani, Jack Verheyden, David Ellenson, Muzamil Siddiqi, Susannah Heschel, Francis Meskill, Jamal Badawi, Carl Ernst, Patricia Karlin-Neumann, John Cobb, Ben Beliak, Chaim Seidler-Feller, Heidi Singh, Ismail Poonawala, John Hutchison, Rolf Knierim, John Hick.)